We Build Arizona believes that our state's growth depends on smart and thoughtful public policies set in place by all levels of government. To get our state's economy back on track, we are committed to working together in a smart and reasonable manner to invest in and build Arizona's critically needed infrastructure.

We Build Arizona advocates for the legislature to continue to fund crucial infrastructure projects which will help the economy in the short and long-term by creating construction jobs and foster research and education for the long-term benefits.

We Build Arizona promotes funding for a multi-modal statewide transportation plan which will help to move goods and services throughout the state, ensure public safety, provide travel options for Arizona residents and visitors.

Renewable Energy
Along with traditional energy sources, i.e. coal, gas, nuclear and electric, We Build Arizona is leading the charge in ensuring sustainable energy sources are utilized in a timely and cost effective manner.

Tax Structure
We Build Arizona believes in order to keep Arizona in business we must have a fair and equitable tax structure to attract out-of-state businesses and to keep local businesses here.

We Build Arizona is committed to working with partners along with elected officials to ensure smart, sustainable growth for Arizona's future.